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1.A)The return of a bottled message to its owner's daughter.

2.B)She wanted to honor her father's promise.

3.B)Several cases of Zika disease had been identified.

4.C)It lost a huge stock of bees.

5.A)It stayed in the air for about two hours.

6.C)Inadequate funding.

7.D)It is more environmentally friendly.

8.A)It seems a depressing topic.

9.D)They can't make it to the theater.

10.C)It is the most amusing show he has ever seen.

11.B)Go and see the dance.

12.D)She worries she won't fit in as a transfer student.

13.C)Participate in after-school activities.

14.A)Give her help whenever she needs.

15.D)She has just transferred to college.

16.B)To find out which physical drive is the most powerful.

17.A)When they are hungry.

18.C)They prefer to be with other mice.

19.D)It is one of the best in the world.

20.B)To move troops quickly from place to place.

21.A)In the 1970s.

22.B)Messaging while driving

23.D)A device to ensure people drive with both hands.

24.C)They are alerted with a light and a sound.

25.B)Using a connected app.


1.B) Scared.

2.D) It was covered with large scales.

3.A) A Study of the fast-food service.

4.C) Increased variety of products.

5.C) US government’s approval of private space missions.

6.A) Deliver scientific equipment to the moon.

7.B) It is promising.

8.D) Lying in the sun on a Thai beach.

9.A) She visited a Thai orphanage

10.D) His phone is running out of power.

11.C) He collects things from different countries.

12.D) Trying out a new gym in town.

13.C) A discount for a half-year membership.

14.D) The operation of fitness equipment.

15.C) She knows the basics of weight-lifting.

16.B) They often apply for a number of positions.

17.A) Get better organized.   

18.D) Apply for more promising positions.

19.B) If not forced to go to school, kids would be out in the streets.

20.D) Design activities they now enjoy doing on holidays.

21.D) Take kids out of school to learn at first hand

22.C) It is seen almost anywhere and on any occasion.

23.D) It offers people a chance to socialize.

24.A) Their state of mind improved.

25.B) It is life.



26. E) constructed

27. O) undertaken

28. F) consulted

29. M) range

30. N) scale

31. I) eventually

32. K) necessarily

33. L) production

34. A) cheaper

35. J) height














46.A.Seneca's thinking is stillapplicable today

47.B.It is a teaching tool underdevelopment

48.C.It helps them learn theiracademic subjects better.

49.D.They use various ways toexplain the materials.

50.B.Their emotionalinvolvement


51.A.They can get ahead only bystriving harder.

52.C.They think it needs furtherimproving.

53.B.Job stability andflexibility.

54.D.The balance between work andfamily.

55.A.They still this world as onedominated by males.


























46.B.Add to their workefficiency.

47.A.Earn more money

48.C.How long its positiveeffect lasts.

49.D.Their memories weregreatly strengthened.

50.A.Find financialsupport.

51.C.They all experiencedterrible misfortunes.

52.B.The utmost comfortpassengers could enjoy.

53.A.It was a mere piece ofdecoration.

54.D.The belief that they couldnever sink with a double-layer body.

55.D.she was retired after hernaval service.



26. M-pollutants

27. N-restricted

28. C-consequence

29. J-innovation

30. F-detail

31. K-intended

32. L-outdoor

33. B-collaborating

34. I-inhabitants

35. E-creating


36.F.Asian-American students have been eager participants…

37.C.But instead of bringing families together…

38.I.The issue of the stresses felt by students in elites school…

39.E.The district has become increasingly popular with..

40.B.With his letter…

41.K.Not all public opinion…

42.H.Jennifer Lee…

43.D.About 10 minutes

44.A.This fall…

45.G.Both Asian-American and white families…


46.A.Not all of them are symptoms ofdementia.

47.C.Communication within our brainweakens.

48.B.Inability to recall details of one’s lifeexperience.

49.C.Turn to a professional forassistance.

50.D.Staying active both physically andmentally

51.B.It was stolen more than once

52.D.They pressed criminal charges invain

53.D.His acknowlegement of helpful from aprofessional

54.D. Make it availableonline

55.B. Radical changes in archivongpractices




In the past, traveling by plane was unimaginable for most Chinese people. Today, with the development of China’s economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, more and more Chinese people, including many farmers and migrant workers, can travel by air. They can fly to all major cities, and many cities are also planning to build airports. Air services continue to improve, and there are often cheap flights. In recent years, the number of people choosing to travel by air during holidays has been increasing.



In recent years, more and more Chinese cities have begun to build subways as part of the efforts to reduce traffic jams and air pollution. A growing number of people now choose subway as the major means of transportation to work or school every day for the safe, fast and comfortable travel experience it has to offer. Nowadays, as card or mobile payment gains popularity in some Chinese cities, it is becoming increasingly convenient to take the subway. Many local senior citizens are also entitled to/also enjoy free subway rides.  



Buses used to be a major traffic tool for Chinese people when they weregetting around. In recent years, traffic problems in cities havebeen increasingly severe. To encourage more people to take buseswhen they go out, many cities are making efforts to improve thequality of services on buses. Vehicle facilities have beencontinuously renewed and the vehicle speed has been dramaticallyenhanced. However, the bus fair has been kept quite low. Atpresent, many local senior citizens in most cities can take a buswith no charge.



The Importance of Reading Ability and How to Develop It

It's well known that books are the quintessence of human wisdom. Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. There are many famous sayings about reading throughout the history such as “Reading makes a full man.” Indeed, the importance of reading can never be too much stressed. Thus, here comes to how to develop such ability. 

To begin with, as an old proverb says, “Practice makes perfect.”, what we need to do is to read as more books as we can, no matter whether it is a digital version or hardcover. Secondly, since there are a thousand Hamlets in a thousand people's eyes, we need to deliver our opinions to others and share with others. This could not only help understand the materials from different views but also improve our reading ability. Thirdly, making reading a habit could also improve it. The more fun we find in reading, the more we are willing to explore the books and thus help us strengthen that ability. 

In a word, no matter at what time we realize the importance of reading, we can enjoy it during the rest of our life and finally we'll see that it is rewarding. 


As is known to all, writing is an important and necessary skill for all students. As far as I am concerned, writing has deeper importance in many ways.

Firstly, improving our ability of using words is a basic function of writing. For example, in order to write a good English composition, we must use every word carefully as much as possible to ensure its correctness.

Moreover, writing is an effective way to enlarge our vocabulary. Different compositions we write need different vocabularies. Therefore, the more compositions we write, the more vocabularies we get. At the same time, it is helpful to enlarge our reading.

In a word, writing is an important skill, especially for language learners. Thus, we should improve our writing ability as much as possible to improve our overall levels.


Nowadays fewer and fewer students pay attention to their spoken English, which results in a dramatic increase in the number of students who can spell English words but are incapable of speaking them fluently or correctly. This phenomenon has aroused many people‘s attention.

Why does such a phenomenon emerge? As far as I‘m concerned, there are possibly two reasons contributing to this phenomenon. On the one hand, exam-oriented education makes many schools lay emphasis on passing the English exams, which leads to the lack of speaking environment for students to practice their spoken English. On the other hand, students themselves don‘t realize the importance of the ability to speak English which has a great influence on their future study and career development.

To change this situation, I think we can take the following measures. First, the importance of oral English should be emphasized to raise students‘ awareness of the necessity of speaking English. Second, exams should be modified to make students pay attention to their spoken English. Third, schools can organize various activities to arouse students‘ interest in speaking English.





  1. A. It is a Spanish soup

  2. C. To make it thicker.

  3. B. It is mainly made of vegetables.

  4. D. It comes from a special kind of pig.


  1. C. They do not make decent gifts.

  2. D. $30-$40

  3. A. They go well with different kinds of food.

  4. C. It is Italy’s most famous type of red wine.


  1. B. Decoding secret message.

  2. D. They helped the U.S. army in World War Two.

  3. A. A military code that was never broken.


  1. C. A lot of knowledge-intensive jobs will be replaced.

  2. D. In the personal care sector.

  3. B. They charge high prices.

  4. D. The tremendous changes new technology will bring to people’s lives.

Lecture 1

  1. C. it linked a stone pit to some waterways

  2. B. saws used for cutting stone

  3. A. to provide services for the stone pit.

Lecture 2

  1. B. Dr. Gong slipped in needles where he felt no pain

  2. D. previous medical treatments failed to relieve his pain

  3. C. more and more patients ask for the treatment

Lecture 3

  1. B. they quarreled a lot and never resolved their argument

  2. C. Neither of them has any sisters and brothers

  3. A. They tend to be self-assured and responsible

  4. D. they tend to be well adjusted


Section A

Conversation One

1. D) She is the owner of a special cafe.

2. A) They bear a lot of similarities.

3. A) By giving them regular cleaning and injections.

4. C) They love the animal in her cafe.


Conversation Two

5. D) It is mostly garbage.

6. B) TV commercials.

7. C) Trying to trick children into buying their products.

8. C) They seldom had junk food

Section B

Passage  One

9. C)Tombs of ancient rulers.

10. B) It’s hardly associated with great civilizations.

11. A ) It carries about one fifth of the world’s fresh water.

Passage  Two

12.B) We are always in a rush to do various things.

13. C) She was accustomed to tight schedules.

14. D) Reading a book about slowing down.

15. B) She came to enjoy everyday tasks.

Section C

Recording One

16. C) They pose a threat to the local ecosystem.

17. D) Their distinctions are artificial.

18. A) Only a few of them cause problems to native species.

Recording Two

19. A)Respect their traditional culture. 

20. C)  Drinking alcohol on certain days of a month.

21.D)  They have a break from 2:00 to 5:30.

Recording Three

22. D) He had the company’s bedroom extensively renovated.

23. B) Its articles should be short and inspiring.

24 D) He treated the employees like members of his family.

25 C) Several hundred of its employees got fired.


Section A  


26.  K) puzzled

27.  M) removed

28.  A) chronicles

29.  L) remnants

30.  F) maximum

31.  D) fascinates

32.  I) perfect

33.  J) precision

34.  E) hypothesis

35.  O) slightly

Section B   

标题:Peer presure

36-40 HCLJG  41-45 AIFKD

Section C

Passage One

开头:The Ebno Dleta

46.C) Rice farmers in the Ebro Delta are waging a battle of similar importance.


…during the Spanish Civil War, is now the setting for a different contest, one that is pitting rice farmers against two enemies…

47. D) Using one evil to combat the other.答案出处:

The most promising stragy has become to harness one foe against the other.  

48. C) Its immediate priority is to bring the pest under control.


…the short-term fight against the snail, and a mid- to long-term fight against climate change, But the sanil has given the project greater urgency.

49. B) It will invade other rice-growing regions of Europe.


For now, the giant apple snial's presence in Europe is limited to the Ebro Delta. But the snail continues its march to new territory, says Serrat. "The question is not whether it will reach other rice-growing areas of Europe, but when."

50. A) Cultivating ideal salt-resistant rice varieties.


Asan EU-funded effort, the search for salt-tolerant varieties of rice is taking place in all three countires. Each team is crossbredding a local European short-grain rice with a long-term Asian varity that carrises the salt-resistant gene. The scientists are breeding successivee generations to arrive at varieties that incorporate salt tolerance but retain about 97 percent of the European  rice genome (基因组)。

Passage Two



A) It was a painstaking effort for recording life’s major events.

答案出处:Photography was once an expensive, laborious ordeal reserved for life’s greatest milestones.


D) Whether it prevented people enjoying what they were doing.

”You hear that you shouldn’t take all these photos and interrupt the experience, and it’s bad for you, and we’re not living in the present moment,”says Kristin Diehl… Diehl and her fellow researchers wanted to find out if that was true…


C) They are more absorbed in what catches their eye.

答案出处:The results...surprised them. Taking photos actually makes people enjoy what they’re doing more, not less.


B) They focus more on the exhibits when taking pictures.

答案出处:people were given eye-tracking glasses and instructed either to take photos or not. "People look longer at things they want to photograph." Diehl says. They report liking the exhibits more, too.


D) Even the very thought of taking a photo can have a positive effect.

答案出处:No, they found; just the act of planning to take a photo—and not actually taking it—had the same joy-boosting effect.


Section A

26 K reputed      

27 C characters     

28 M supposed    

29 E fierce    

30 H obsessed   

31 A campaign    

32 N traditional     

33 I proclamation     

34 F inspired       

35 L rest

Section B


36. There are a couple of plants tough and adaptable enough to survive on bare rocky hills and in deserts.


C) Extreme conditions produce extremely tough plants. In the rusty red deserts of South Africa, …

37. Farrant is trying to isolate genes in resurrection plants and reproduce them in crops.


H) After completing her Ph.D. on seeds, Farrant began investigating whether it might be possible to isolate her properties that make most seeds so…

38. Farmers in South Africa are more at the mercy of nature, especially inconsistent rainfall.


B) Biologist Jill Farrant of the University of Cape Town in South Africa says that nature has plenty of answers for people who want to grow crops in

39. Resurrection crops are most likely to be the choice of subsistence farmers.


40. Even though many plants have developed carious tactics to cope with dry weather, they can’t survive a prolonged drought.


E) The big difference between “drought-tolerant”plants and these tough plants: metabolism. Many different kinds of plants have…

41. Despite consumer resistance, researchers are pushing ahead with genetic modification of crops.


I) Once Farrant and her colleagues feel they have a better sense of which switches to throw,…

42. Most seeds can pull through dry spells and begin growing when conditions are ripe, but once this process starts, it cannot be held back.


G) What else can do this dry-out-and-revive trick? Seeds-almost all of them. At the start of…

43. Farrant is working hard to cultivate food crops that can survive extreme dryness by studying the traits of rare wild plants.


B) Biologist Jill Farrant of the University of Cape Town in South Africa says that nature has plenty of answers for people who want to grow crops in

44. By adjusting their metabolism, resurrection plants can recover from an extended period of drought.


F) Resurrection plants, defined as those capable of recovering from holding less than 0.1 grams of water per gram of dry mass, are different. They lack…

45. Resurrection plants can come back to life in a short time after a rainfall.


D) Farrant calls them resurrection plants. During months without water under a harsh sun,…

Passage one

46. C store an unlimited number of human faces.

47. C To understand computers' problems with facial-recognition software.

48 What dose the passage say about machine accuracy?

D)It decreases as the database size increases.

49. What is said to be a shortcoming of facial-recognition machines?

A)They cannot easily tell apart people with near-identical appearances .

50.What  is the difficulty confronting researchers of the facial- recognition machines?

B)There do not exist public databases with sufficient face samples.

Passage two

51. What does the author think of college students funding their education through loans?

B) They are acting in an irrational way.

52. In the author’ s opinion, free college education is ______.


53. What should students do if taxpayers are to bear their college costs?

C) Choose majors that will serve society’s practical needs.

54. What does the author say about the value of a student’s college education?

C) It is well reflected in their average starting salary.

55. What message does the author want to convey in the passage?

D) College students should fund their own education.



26. D) enabling

27. H) generously

28. N) terrified

29. L) smart

30. I) misleading

31.  E) eventually

32. A)amassed

33.  J)Precious

34. C)emotional

35. K) reward















A. It is based on questionable statistics.

B. It is a more comprehensive measure of people’s economic well-being.

C. It covered up the differences between individual citizens.

D. It can compare a country’s economic conditions between different periods of time.

C. It has not improved as much as reported by Census Bureau



A. They may become exhausted by making too many decisions for themselves

C. Decision fatigue may prevent people making wise decisions.

B. When they help others to make decisions.

D. They refrain from trying anything new.

A. It is vital for one to reach the goal desired.



A private car used to be a luxury for most Chinese, but now it is ubiquitous across China. People commute and travel by car, making it an integral part of their daily life. Spikes in car ownership have resulted in more prevalent traffic gridlock and inadequate parking space in some cities, which has prompted local governments to roll out new rules to rein in the number of cars on the road. Worsening air pollution has also led a growing number of people to buy new energy vehicles(NEVs). As such, the Chinese government has taken some meaningful steps to support the development of NEVs. 


共享单车:Bikes once were the most important means of transportation in the cities and villages in China which used to be called the Kingdom of Bikes. At present, with traffic congestion and air pollution becoming increasingly severe, riding bikes are popular again. In the past several years, Chinese entrepreneurs have combined the mobile Internet technology with traditional bikes, inventing a brand new commercial mode called shared bikes. The advent of shared bikes makes riding more convenient. People can ride shared bikes anytime as they wish only when equipped with a smart phone. To encourage people to ride bikes when they go out, cycle tracks have been built in many cities. Now, Chinese people in increasing numbers like building their bodies through riding bikes as well.


高铁:At present, China has the largest and fastest high-speed railway network in the world. The running velocity of high-speed rail will keep climbing and more cities will built their own high-speed rail stations. The high-speed rail greatly shortens people’s travel time. Compared with airplanes, high-speed trains have an outstanding merit which is punctuality because the operation of high-speed rail is basically not influenced by not only weather conditions but also traffic control. The high-speed rail has tremendously changed Chinese people’s life styles. At present, it has been the most preferred transportation for many people when they are on business trips. People in increasing amount also go traveling by high-speed rail on holidays. There are also many young people, who choose to work in one city and live in a nearby city, commuting between two different cities by high-speed rail everyday.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on the importance of building trust between employer and employees. You can cite examples to illustrate your views. You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.

Trust Between Employers and Employees

  Trust is the most frequently used word when we are talking about interpersonal relationships. With the development of social economy, people gradually have less and less trust in each other, especially among employers and employees. Therefore, building and maintaining trust between them is of great importance for a company.

 First of all, mutual trust between employers and employees can improve the work efficiency. Once they build trust between each other, they’ll work towards a common goal and all will devote themselves in realizing it. Secondly, employers will lose their employees if they lack trust in them. To avoid losing talents, employers should show their good faith and give employees more care and love. Thirdly, having faith in each other in a company can definitely create a harmonious working atmosphere and create great value for the company.

    To sum up, employers and employees should raise the awareness of mutual trust and put their faith in each other, which is a foundation of the well development of a company.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on the importance of building trust between teachers and students. You can cite examples to illustrate your views. You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.

The Importance of Building Trust Between Teachers and Students

    A good relationship between a teacher and a student has important, positive and long-lasting implications for both the student’s academic and social development. However, nowadays, we have witnessed declining trust between them, therefore some tragedies ensued from the lack of trust between teachers and students. 

The situation must be urgently improved, for trust in a teacher-student relationship is a must. First and foremost, trust between teachers and students promote students’ desire to learn. Those students who have positive and supportive relationships with their teachers will attain higher levels of achievement than those students with more conflict in their relationships. Second, a teacher who has the full trust of his students is more motivated to improve his teaching skills, which in turn benefit the students most. So both students and teachers should do their part to build trust between them. As to the teachers, trying to know the students, giving them meaningful feedback, and meeting their developmental, emotional and academic needs timely are of great help. And  the students should always be respectful to their teachers.

Once the trust between teachers and students  is built, effective teaching and learning can be achieved. 


Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on the importance of building trust between businesses and consumers. You can cite examples to illustrate your views. You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.

The Importance of Building Trust Between Business and Customers

  Recently, I saw a cartoon on the Internet. The cartoon shows a cigarette shop owner and a customer who is buying cigarettes. The customer is holding the cigarette, doubting about the quality of the bargain. The seller is holding 100 yuan, worrying the bill is counterfeit. It reflects a serious social problem—the trust crisis between the customers and the businesses.


  The main reason for this phenomenon is the constant exposure of fake products by the media. To solve this problem, first we should call on the whole society to realize the value of honesty and credibility to economic development. Second, the government should formulate strict laws and regulations to punish counterfeiting. Meanwhile, the mass media and education departments should play an active role in restoring trust among people. Finally, everyone should raise their own moral standards and have the courage to trust others.

   Trust is the bridge between heart and heart, and it also has the magic power for people to communicate with each other. When consumers and businesses have established a trusting relationship, the society will be more harmonious and beautiful.




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