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Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short easy on how to best handle the relationship between parents and children. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.

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     It is a truth universally acknowledged that the relationship between a parent and a child is the most significant ones in a person’s life. Positive parent-child bond is beneficial to family harmony and the growth of children. Therefore, people should learn to balance the relationship between parents and children. 

      There are some conductive suggestions given to both parents and children. First and foremost, it is very important for parents to emphasize the significance of family time spent with their children, like eating meals together on weekends, going to sporting events, movies and the like. Besides, it would be beneficial if parents could pay attention to their children's academic performance, friendship and extracurricular activities. Additionally, it is necessary that child should boost their awareness of communicating with their parents, with relaxed  and side-by-side conversations.       

       As has been noted, parents and children should make joint efforts to create good relationship between parents and children.


1 B .Her little brother  

2 C. By selling lemonade and pictures

3 C .Providing clean energy to five million people  

4. B. They can be laid right on top of existing highways

5 A. Endless fighting in the region      

6. D .To find evidence of the existence of the “Lost lions”      

7. B. Lions’ tracks

8 A. Her “lucky birthday”  

9 D. Threw her a surprise party   

10 B. The trip her husband has planned     

11 C. He is eager to learn how the couple’s holiday turns out

12 A. They are sensitive to the dynamics of a negotiation   

13 B. They know when to stop     

14 C. They learn quickly  

15 D. Get to know the other side.

16 D. How space research benefits people on Earth   

17 B. They developed objects for astronauts to use in outer space     

18 A. They are extremely accurate.

19 C. It marked the beginning of something new.    

20 A. They believed in working for goals.    

21 D. Doing needlework by the fire.

22 C. Sit down and try to calm yourself.   

23 B. You may expose yourself to unexpected dangers.   

24 D. Walk uphill.   

25 A. Inform somebody of your plan.

Part Ⅲ                   Reading Comprehension 

Section A

26. K superior

27. D nuisance

28. M tip

29. O visual

30. A associated

31. F preventing

32. H sensitive

33. I slight

34. C indicate

35. B examine

Section B

36. Elderly students find it hard to keep up with the rapid changes in education.


37. Some believe take-home exams may affect students' performance in other courses.


38. Certain professors believe in-class exams are ultimately more helpful to students.


39. In-class exams are believed to discourage cheating in exams.


40. The author was happy to learn she could do some exams at home.


41. Students who put off their work until the last moment often find the exams more difficult than

   they actually are.


42. Different students may prefer different types of exams.


43. Most professors agree whether to give an in-class or a take-home exam depends on type of

   course being taught.


44. The author dropped out of college some forty years ago.


45. Some students think take-home exams will eat up their free time.


Section C

Passage One

46. What did researchers find puzzling about the first-night effect?

答案:D) In what way it can be beneficial.

47. What do we learn about Dr. Yuka Sasaki doing her research?

答案:C) She got some idea from previous studies on birds and dolphins

48. What did Dr. Sasaki do when she first did her experiment?

A) She monitored the brain activity of participants sleeping in a new environment.

49. What did Dr. Sasaki do when re-running her experiment?

答案:C) She exposed her participants to two different stimuli.

50. What did Dr. Sasaki find about the participants in her experiment?

答案:B) They tended to perceive irregular beeps as a threat.

Passage Two

51. What does the author say is the problem with women?

答案:D) They tend to push themselves beyond the limits of their ability.

52. Why do working women of child-bearing age tend to feel drained of energy?

答案: A) They struggle to satisfy the demands of both work and home.

53. What may hinder the future prospects of career women?

 答案:A) Their unwillingness to say “no”.

54. Men and woman differ in their approach to resolving workplace conflicts in that______.

答案:C) men tend to put their personal interests first

55. What is important to a good leader?

答案:B) The ability to delegate.  




Huashan (Mount Hua) is situated in Huayin City, 120 kilometers away from Xi'an. It is part of the Qinling Mountains, which divides not only Southern and Northern Shaanxi, but also South and North China. Unlike Taishan, which became a popular place of pilgrimage, Huashan was not well visited in the past because it is dangerous for the climbers to reach its summit. Huashan was also an important place frequented by immortality seekers, as many herbs grow there especially some rare ones. Since the installation of the cable cars in the 1990s, the number of visitors has increased significantly.

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Huangshan (Yellow Mountain) is located in southern Anhui Province. The area is well known for its unique scenery, especially sunrise and sea of clouds. To enjoy the magnificence of a mountain, you have to look upwards in most cases. To enjoy Huangshan, however, you've got to look downward. Furthermore, Huangshan's moist climate facilitates the growing of tea trees, therefore the mountain is one of China's premier tea-growing areas. In addition, Huangshan has multiple hot springs which help prevent and cure skin illness. Huangshan is one of China's major tourist destinations and the most frequent subject of photography and traditional Chinese painting.

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Taishan (Mount Tai) is located in western Shandong Province. It is over 1,500 meters tall and covers an area of about 400 square kilometers. Taishan is a majestic mountain of historical and cultural significance which has been a place of worship for at least 3,000 years. A total of 72 emperors were recorded as visiting it. Writers came to acquire inspiration for composing poems and writing essays while artists for painting. Hence, a great many cultural relics were left on the mountain. Taishan has now become a major tourist attraction in China.



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