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  For thispart, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a shortessay on E-learning, try toimagine what will happen when more andmore people study on-line instead ofgoing to school。 You shouldwrite at least 150 words but no more than 200words。

  Currently, an increasing numberofpeople begin to use Internet to take courses and acquire knowledge.Onlinelearning is booming all around the world。 It is providingmany options withlearners in terms of time, locations, subjects andcosts。

  Online learning greatlypromoteslearners’ studying efficiency and teachers’ productivity.As a result, updatedknowledge will reach those students in isolatedareas at a higher speed, whichcan make many of them keep pace withthe time。 Additionally, students candecide their learning locationand time much more freely。 Notably, because transportationandaccommodation will not trouble E-learners, learning cost will belargelylowered。 These advantages might decrease the number ofpeople who routinelyattend schoollearning。

  From my point of view, personalinteractionbetween teachers and students in schools isirreplaceable。 It is a good ideathat we combine E-learning andattending school together。 Learning is not asimple multiple-choicequestion but an important issue that needs your tryingandinvolvement。


  For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a shortessay on the use of robots。 Try toimagine what will happen whenrobots take the place of human beings in industryas well aspeople’s daily lives。 You are required to write at least 150wordsbut no more than 200 words。

  It is held bysome people that knowledge is power,especially scientific and technologicalknowledge。 Science andtechnology are the motive power of the socialdevelopment, whichconstitute a primary productive force。 The use of robots istheproduce of development of science and technology。

  People’s viewson the use of robots vary from person toperson。 Some hold that human life cannotcontinue without the use ofrobots。 For many years, human society has developedwith the use ofscience and technology。 So the lifewith the use of robots we areliving now is more efficient than thatof our fore fathers。 They go on to pointout that the use of robotshas brought about many changes in people‘s life。 Forexample,through the use of robots can improve the work efficiency andavoiddangerous events happening in our life in that we can requirerobots to do someworks with danger instead of humanbeings。

  Science andtechnology of robots are the crystallization ofhuman wisdom。 It brought aglorious past to humanity, also willbring bright future to mankind。


  For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a shortessay on living in the virtualworld。 Try to imagine what willhappen when people spend more and more time inthe virtual worldinstead of interacting in the real world。 You are required towriteat least 150 words but no more than 200 words。

  We have to admit that the impactoftechnology on society is unquestionable。 Whetherconsidering the TV or thecomputers, technology has had a hugeimpact on society。 While not every advancehas been beneficial,there have been many positive effects of technology。 Theinternet isone typical example。

  With the development of science andtechnology, the worldis no longer what it used to be。 But the ability ofcommunication isa significant skill which should be cultivated if we want tosurviveand succeed in the world。 But the way of communication with peoplehaschanged dramatically。 Almost everyone today has a computer, anduses it tocommunicate with their friends, family, and evenbusiness。 The virtual worldcommunication has changed the way thatpeople communicate。

  Since communication between peoplein the real world is of utmost importance, lack of communicationwilllead to perish of human beings。 Through communication in thereal world, mutualunderstanding can be promoted and fosteredbetween people, which cannot bereplaced by the virtualcommunication。





China's innovation is flourishing faster than ever before. In order to surpass developed countries on science and technology as soon as possible, China has sharply increased research and development fund. Chinese universities and institutes are actively doing innovative researches, covering various fields of high technology, from big data to biochemistry, and from new energy to robots. They are also cooperating with science and technology parks in different places, so as to commercialize their fruits of innovation. In the meantime, to adapt to the changing foreign and domestic market, and to satisfy the growing demand, Chinese entrepreneurs are also making pioneering efforts to innovate their products and business models.


旗袍(qipao)是一种雅致的中国服饰,源于中国的满族(Manzu Nationality)。在清代,旗袍是王室女性穿着的宽松长袍。上世纪20年代,受西方服饰的影响,旗袍发生了一些变化。袖口(cuffs)变窄,袍身变短。这些变化使女性美得以展现。


Qipao, an exquisite Chinese clothing, originates from China‘s Manchu Nationality。 In the Qing Dynasty , it was a loose robe for the royal women。 In the 1920s, influenced by Western clothing, it went through many changes.For example,the cuffs went narrower, and the dress got shorter。 These changes enabled Qipao to fully elaborate women’s beauty。

  Nowadays, Qipao quite often appears on world-class fashionshows。 It is usually the first choice for Chinese women as they attend socialparties。 Meanwhile, many Chinese brides will select it as their wedding dress.Some influential personalities even suggest making it as the national costumefor Chinese women。



Shenzhen is a newly-developed city in Guangdong province, China. Before the implementation of reform and opening-up policy, it was but a fishing village only with a population of over 30thousand. In the 1980s, Chinese government established Shenzhen Special Economic Zone as the experimental plot for implementation of socialist market economy. Currently, the population of Shenzhen has exceeded 10million and the whole city has undergone tremendous changes.
        By 2014, the per-capita GDP of Shenzhen has reached 25 thousand dollars, equivalent to that of some developed countrieds in the world. As far as its overall economic power is concerned, Shenzhen is listed amone the top citied in China. Due to its unique status, it is also an ideal place for entrepreneurs at home and abroad to start their businesses.


Section A

  1。 D)Market research consultant
  2。 A) Quantitative advertising research
  3。 D) They study trends or customer satisfaction over a longperiod。
  4。 B) Checking charts and tables。
  5。 A) His view on Canadian universities。
  6。 B) It is rather inflexible。
  7。 C) Everybody should be given equal access to highereducation。
  8。 C) It is hard to say which is better, a public university ora private university。

  9。 B) The worsening real wage situation around the world。
  10。 A) They will feel less pressure to raise employees’ wages.

       11。C) Employees work shorter hours to avoid layoffs。

  12。 A) Whether memory supplements work。
  13。 D) They are not on based on real science。
  14。 D) They are prescribed by trained practitioners。
  15.B) Taking them with other medications might entail unnecessary risks。

Section C

  16 D) How the negative impacts of natural disasters can bereduced。
  17 B) By taking steps to prepare people for them。
  18 A) How preventive action can reduce the loss of life。

  19 C) Contribute more to the goal of a wider recovery
  20 B) Many smaller regional banks are going to fail
  21 D) It will try to provide more loans
  22 D) It will be necessary if the economy starts to shrinkagain

  23 A)。 Being unable to learn new things。
  24 A)。 Cognitive stimulation。
  25 C)。 Endeavoring to give up unhealthy lifestyles。



  26. 正确选项 O undertakes
  27. 正确选项 K occupation
  28. 正确选项 H existence
  29. 正确选项 J intolerant
  30. 正确选项 A automatically
  31. 正确选项 N slightly
  32. 正确选项 E emphasizing
  33. 正确选项 M recession
  34. 正确选项 D confused
  35. 正确选项 B beneficial


Can societies be rich and green?
36. 正确选项  I
37. 正确选项  C
38. 正确选项  L
39. 正确选项  D
40. 正确选项  K
41. 正确选项  E
42. 正确选项  G
43. 正确选项  A
44. 正确选项  N
45. 正确选项  J


  Passage one

       46. 正确选项 C。 Interactive television advertising is successful when incorporated into situation comedies.
  47. 正确选项 C。 Somewhat doubtful.
  48. 正确选项 C。 It has placed TV advertising at a great disadvantage.
  49. 正确选项 B。 It has done well in engaging the viewers.
  50. 正确选项 A。 They may be due to the novel way of advertising.

  Passage Two

   51. 正确选项 B。 Insufficient demand.
   52. 正确选项 D。 Groundless.
   53. 正确选项 A。 The booming defense industry.
   54. 正确选项 A。 Powerful opposition to government’s stimulus efforts.
   55. 正确选项 C。 To show the urgent need for the government to take action.


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