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据说在中国,蜡染(wax printing)早在秦末或者汉初就已经出现,但它最初作为成品出现是在唐朝。蜡染是“丝绸之路”的商品之一,这些商品被出口到欧洲和其他地方。蜡染在中国是代代传承下来的。它是苗族(Miao ethnic minority)独特的绘画和手工染色工艺。作为中国最具有民族特色的艺术之一,蜡染产品的种类很多,有墙上挂饰、邮包、书包、桌套等等。


  It is believedthat wax printing appeared in China asearly as the late Qin or early HanDynasty, but it firstoccurred as a finished product during the TangDynasty. Itwas one of “the Silk Road" goods thatwere exportedto Europe and elsewhere.Wax printinghas been passed down from generation togeneration in China. It is a unique drawing anddyeing handwork of the Miaoethnic minority. As one of the most characteristic national artsin China, waxprinting products are various including wall hangings, letter bags, bags,table-clothes and so on.

  1.据说在中国,蜡染早在秦末或者汉初就已经出现:“据说”可译为it is said that 或it is believed that。表示时间状语的词“秦末”和“汉初”分别可译为thelate Qin Dynasty和the early Han Dynasty。“早在”可翻译为as early as。

  2.但它最初作为成品出现是在唐朝:该句中的“出现”可译为occur,避免与上文重复,其是不及物动词。“成品”可译为a finished product,动词的过去分词可以表示动作已完成。

  3.蜡染在中国是代代传承下来的:“代代”可译为from generation to generation, from…to意为“从一个到另一个' “流传’’可译为pass down。

4.中国最具有民族特色的艺术之一:“最…之一”可翻译为“one of the+形容词最高级”的形式。“民族特色的艺术”可译为characteristic national art。




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