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For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on the importance of building trust between businesses and consumers/teachers and students/employers and employees. You can cite examples to illustrate your views. 150-200 words.


It is a truth universally acknowledged that the trust between businesses and consumers plays a key role in boosting the prosperity of our commercialized society. When the trust is built, it gives tremendous freedom to the consumers and the companies they choose; but when the trust is lost, it can cost a company’s life and is impossible to recover.

For instance, Sanlu Milk Powder company used to be one of biggest dairy companies in China, and a huge number of Chinese citizens drank it everyday, hoping to make their bodies stronger and healthier. However, ten years ago, the news that there was poisonous ingredient in it and some infants were fatally sick because they drank it was exposed to the public. This scandal went viral and devastated the image of Sanlu in a few months. Another case is Xiaomi, which used to sell cheap digital products. A lot of people did not trust it because the price was very low. However, its dedication to producing cheap products with high quality has gradually built trust between consumers and this brand, and, not long ago, its goodwill and reputation helped it go public and earn a huge amount of money.

In order to earn the trust of consumers, businesses should always keep their promises to them. Meanwhile, it is about time that some consumers who like taking advantages of businesses changed this habit and helped to protect the benefit of these companies.


共享单车:Bikes once were the most important means of transportation in the cities and villages in China which used to be called the Kingdom of Bikes. At present, with traffic congestion and air pollution becoming increasingly severe, riding bikes are popular again. In the past several years, Chinese entrepreneurs have combined the mobile Internet technology with traditional bikes, inventing a brand new commercial mode called shared bikes. The advent of shared bikes makes riding more convenient. People can ride shared bikes anytime as they wish only when equipped with a smart phone. To encourage people to ride bikes when they go out, cycle tracks have been built in many cities. Now, Chinese people in increasing numbers like building their bodies through riding bikes as well.

高铁:At present, China has the largest and fastest high-speed railway network in the world. The running velocity of high-speed rail will keep climbing and more cities will built their own high-speed rail stations. The high-speed rail greatly shortens people’s travel time. Compared with airplanes, high-speed trains have an outstanding merit which is punctuality because the operation of high-speed rail is basically not influenced by not only weather conditions but also traffic control. The high-speed rail has tremendously changed Chinese people’s life styles. At present, it has been the most preferred transportation for many people when they are on business trips. People in increasing amount also go traveling by high-speed rail on holidays. There are also many young people, who choose to work in one city and live in a nearby city, commuting between two different cities by high-speed rail everyday.




26. D) enabling

解析:由于该空之后是名词human,可能会被误认为需要填形容词,但是之前的and提醒我们要注意整个并列结构。根据之前的is bringing,可以推出该空需要填动词,再加上之后的to live on 以及文意,可以推出应该使用enabling。

27. H) generously

解析:该空之前和之后都是动词,所以只有可能填副词,又因为之前的句子中有一个this entrepreneur has做定语从句在修饰fortune, 基本可以确定副词在修饰comes而不是has,再根据文意,该公司的财富大部分来自的是实际的成就,故选择generously。

28. N) terrified


L) smart

解析:该空处于一个搭配so+adj. 或adv.+that (如此...以至于)之中,可以推出需要填的是形容词或者副词,再加上文意推出,人类害怕机器人太聪明而谋杀人类,选择smart。

I) misleading


31.  E) eventually

解析: 该空处于两个动词之间,且有双逗号隔开,可以推出使用副词。而整个答案之中只有两个副词,eventually和generously(之前已选),故选择eventually。而从文意中也可以理解:最终,拥有机器人就像是拥有一个兼具保姆和护士功能的机器。



33.  J)Precious




35. K) reward

















本篇文章讨论了一种新的衡量经济的一种方法-- The Jones-Klenow Method。该方法在衡量经济时将囊括更多的变量而不仅仅只是平均收入,可以对比同时间不同国家以及同一个国家不同时间人们的经济水平。


A. It is based on questionable statistics.

B. It is a more comprehensive measure of people’s economic well-being.

C. It covered up the differences between individual citizens.

D. It can compare a country’s economic conditions between different periods of time.

C. It has not improved as much as reported by Census Bureau




A. They may become exhausted by making too many decisions for themselves

C. Decision fatigue may prevent people making wise decisions.

B. When they help others to make decisions.

D. They refrain from trying anything new.

A. It is vital for one to reach the goal desired.



26 K reputed      

27 C characters     

28 M supposed    

29 E fierce    

30 H obsessed   

31 A campaign    

32 N traditional     

33 I proclamation     

34 F inspired       

35 L rest


36. There are a couple of plants tough and adaptable enough to survive on bare rocky hills and in deserts.


C) Extreme conditions produce extremely tough plants. In the rusty red deserts of South Africa, …

37. Farrant is trying to isolate genes in resurrection plants and reproduce them in crops.


H) After completing her Ph.D. on seeds, Farrant began investigating whether it might be possible to isolate her properties that make most seeds so…

38. Farmers in South Africa are more at the mercy of nature, especially inconsistent rainfall.


B) Biologist Jill Farrant of the University of Cape Town in South Africa says that nature has plenty of answers for people who want to grow crops in

39. Resurrection crops are most likely to be the choice of subsistence farmers.


40. Even though many plants have developed carious tactics to cope with dry weather, they can’t survive a prolonged drought.


E) The big difference between “drought-tolerant”plants and these tough plants: metabolism. Many different kinds of plants have…

41. Despite consumer resistance, researchers are pushing ahead with genetic modification of crops.


I) Once Farrant and her colleagues feel they have a better sense of which switches to throw,…

42. Most seeds can pull through dry spells and begin growing when conditions are ripe, but once this process starts, it cannot be held back.


G) What else can do this dry-out-and-revive trick? Seeds-almost all of them. At the start of…

43. Farrant is working hard to cultivate food crops that can survive extreme dryness by studying the traits of rare wild plants.


B) Biologist Jill Farrant of the University of Cape Town in South Africa says that nature has plenty of answers for people who want to grow crops in

44. By adjusting their metabolism, resurrection plants can recover from an extended period of drought.


F) Resurrection plants, defined as those capable of recovering from holding less than 0.1 grams of water per gram of dry mass, are different. They lack…

45. Resurrection plants can come back to life in a short time after a rainfall.


D) Farrant calls them resurrection plants. During months without water under a harsh sun,…

Passage one

46 Compared with human memory, machines can ______.

identify human faces more efficiently                                                                                                                                                               

47 Why did researchers create Mega Face?                                                                                                  C)To understand computers’ problems with facial recognition

48 What dose the passage say about machine accuracy?

D)It decreases as the database size increases.

49. What is said to be a shortcoming of facial-recognition machines?

A)They cannot easily tell apart people with near-identical appearances .

50.What  is the difficulty confronting researchers of the facial- recognition machines?

B)There do not exist public databases with sufficient face samples.

Passage two

51. What does the author think of college students funding their education through loans?

B) They are acting in an irrational way.

52. In the author’ s opinion, free college education is ______.


53. What should students do if taxpayers are to bear their college costs?

C) Choose majors that will serve society’s practical needs.

54. What does the author say about the value of a student’s college education?

C) It is well reflected in their average starting salary.

55. What message does the author want to convey in the passage?

D) College students should fund their own education.

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