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18年6月CET 4 翻译练习:留守儿童

景翰文化中心2018-07-01 03:26:27

大多数时候,留守儿童(leftover children)的问题很大程度上源于缺乏父母的情感关怀。通常,孩子由祖父母或父母的朋友、亲戚照顾。在大多数情况下,他们的监护人(guardian)没有受过很好的教育。对他们来说,确保孩子健康、吃得好是极重要的任务。只要孩子平安无事,他们就被认为做得很好了。监护人很少关心孩子的学习、心理需求或精神需求。他们也不花时间教孩子如何养成良好的习惯。
  Most of the time, problems of the leftover children largely arise from a lack of emotional care from their parents. Usually, the children's grandparents or their parent's friends or relatives look after these children. In most cases, their guardians are not well educated. To them,making sure that the children are healthy and fed well is the most important task. As long as the children are safe and sound,they are considered to have done a good job. Guardians seldom care about children's study,psychological needs, or mental demands. Neither do they spend some time to teach kids how to develop good habits.

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