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Hello, ladies and gentlemen, I feel honored to introduce our speaker for today’s lecture, Dr. Roger Webster. Dr. Webster, Professor of Sociology at Princeton University, has written numerous articles and books on the issue of communication, which is more and more important in the society nowadays, even has a profound impact on(对...有深刻、深远影响) one’s career and daily life as well. Welcome, Dr. Webster. 

Hello, everyone. Before we start today’s lecture, you can use a little time to think about if you are a good communicator or not. And why? Communication has been the majoringredient(成分,部分) for the upgradation (升级)of the apes (猿)into human beings. Before language and the science of semantics(语义学) were developed, facial expressions and body movements were the most sought-after(值得探究的) means for communication. Slowly the language started shaping up and now we have countless thousand dialects. Language is a medium that binds(联系,捆绑) all human beings. It is the unique form, which has been exploited(使用) and used to the maximum by us. But somewhere down the line, we used it only for the purpose of communication and not for enriching our knowledge and to increase our market value. You would be thinking what I am getting at(传达,领会)?


In the following few lines, I will clear all the question marks in your head. Tell me the number of times you have been fascinated by a talk or lecture given by someone. Maybe once or twice or maximum thrice(三次). Now the point to ponder(思考) is what was the distinguishing feature of that persuasive speaker that didn’t make your eyelids heavy with sleep? 

He would have had the skill to maneuver(掌控) all your thinking, listening and visual channels towards him. Closer observation would reveal that change of tone at the appropriate time, fluency in language and proper translation of thoughts into words, make his speech all the more appealing. He is able to give you what you want to hear and what he wanted to give the audience in terms of knowledge. And when this success ratio (成功比率,几率)is unity, you never skip a word from the speaker. Communication skills are an important strength and they add a very important dimension(维度) to your personality. When you communicate clearly and openly, you always make your wants, needs and doubts obvious. This clarity is essential to market (推销)yourself. You may not be that well qualified, but with good communication skills, you can crack you interview and you can sell yourself convincingly(很有说服力地). You then don’t try to fill in a vacancy in a company but make a place for yourself. 

Some of the essential tips for communication include: Be clear, concise (简要的)and straightforward. Keep you sentences short. This will avoid grammatical mistakes. Look into the eyes of the person you are speaking to. This gives a glimpse of you sincerity and dedication(奉献,付出) to the other person. Even if you slip up (失误)somewhere, maintain your calm, apologize and continue. Don’t try to reanalyze such slip ups(错误), because we wish to promote ourselves. So from now on communicate clearly, properly and openly, as after all the world doesn’t know what you need. Does it? That’s the end of today’s lecture. I hope it will be helpful to all of you. Thank you!

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