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Section A

1. B) Her little brother.

2. C) By selling lemonade and pictures.

3. C) Providing clean energy to five million people.

4. B) They can be laid right on top of existing highways.

5. A) Endless fighting in the region.

6. D) To find evidence of the existence of the "lost lions".

7. B) Lions' tracks.

Section B

8. A) Her 'lucky birthday'.

9. D) Threw her a surprise party.

10. B) The trip her husband has planned.

11. C) He is eager to learn how the couple's holiday turns out.

12. A) They are sensitive to the dynamics of a negotiation. 

13. B) They know when to stop. 

14. C) They learn quickly. 

15. D) Get to know the other side. 

Section C

16. D) How space research benefits people on Earth.

17. B) They developed objects for astronauts to use in outer space.

18. C) They are extremely accurate.

19. C)It marked the beginning of something new.

20. A)They believed working for goals.

21. D)Doing needlework by the fire.

22. C) Sit down and try to calm yourself

23. B) You may expose yourself to unexpected dangers.

24. D) Walk uphill.

25. A) Inform somebody of your plan.


Section A 选词填空

26. [K] superior

27. [D] nuisance

28. [M] tip

29. [O] visual

30. [A] associated

31. [F] preventing

32. [H] sensitive

33. [I] slight

34. [C] indicate

35. [J] specify

Section B 段落信息匹配

36. [I] Elderly students find it hard to keep up with the rapid changes in education.

37. [E] Some believe take-home exams may affect students' performances in others courses.

38. [C] Certain professors believe in-class exams are ultimately more helpful to students

39. [D] In-class exams are believed to discourage cheating in exams.

40. [B] The author was happy to learn she could do some exams at home.

41. [H] Students who put off their work until the last moment often find the exams more difficult than they actually are.

42. [G] Different students may prefer different types of exams.

43. [F] Most professors agree whether to give an in-class or a take-home exam depends on the type of course being taught.

44. [A] The author dropped out of college some forty years ago.

45. [J] Some students think take-home exams will eat up their free time.


Section C 仔细阅读

Passage one

46. D) In what way it can be beneficial.

47. C) She got some idea from previous studies on birds and dolphins.

48. A) She monitored the brain activity of participants sleeping in a new environment.

49. C) She exposed her participants to two different stimuli.

50. B) They tended to perceive irregular beeps as a threat.

Passage two

51. D) They tend to push themselves beyond the limits of their ability.

52. A) They struggle to satisfy the demands of both work and done.
53. A) Their unwillingness to say "no".
54. D) women are much more ready to compromise.
55. B) The ability to delegate.






  Located in the City of Huayin, Mount Hua is 120 kilometers from Xi’an. Mount Hua is part of the Qinling Mountains, which not only separate Northern Shaanxi and Southern Shaanxi, but divide China into Northern and Southern parts. Unlike the widely worshipped Mount Tai, Mount Hua was rarely visited owing to the dangerous paths to the top. However, those who longed for longevity visited Mount Hua on a regular basis because there were numerous medical herbs, particularly the scarce. There has been an increase in the number of travelers since the installation of the cable cars in 1990s.



        Located in western Shandong province in eastern China, Mount Tai stands over 1500 meters above sea level and covers an area of about 400 square kilometers. It is a mountain of historical and cultural significance. Religious worship of Mount Tai dates back 3,000 years. In recorded history, 72 emperors came here to pay homage to heaven and earth. Mount Tai has seen many poets, literary scholars as well as painters who have traveled there for inspiration. That explains why Mount Tai features numerous cultural relics and historic sites. Mount Tai has become one of the leading tourist attractions in China.




        Located in southern Anhui province in eastern China, Huangshan or literally Yellow Mountain is known for its unique natural scenery, particularly sunrises and sea of clouds.To appreciate the magnificence of the mountain, you have to look upward in most cases while to enjoy the fascinating landscape of Huangshan, you've got to look downward.The humid climate of the area offers favorable conditions for tea trees to grow, which makes the surrounding area of Huangshan one of the major producers of teas. The mountain is also home to numerous hot springs, which is helpful for preventing skin disease. As one of the top tourist destinations in China, Huangshan represents one of the most popular themes of photographic works and traditional Chinese paintings.



Directions:For this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on how to best handle the relationship between parents and children. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.


How to best handle the relationship between parents and children?


Nowadays, a wide-spread phenomenon occur frequently that parents make a lot of decisions for their children, even for most critical issues of their life, such as education, work or even marriage. Though many parents regard their children as the apple of their eye, they have no enough knowledge how to best handle the relationship with their children.


We may find several reasons to explain this phenomenon above. First of all, parents, with their former life experience, always think that they are able to make a better decision than teenagers do. Next, they pay too much attention to their only child in the family without caring for their children’s feeling. What’s more, they assert the only way to realize their unfulfilled dreams is letting their children do things that they want them to.


How to solve such serious problems? To begin with, parents should adapt some strategic changes in children education. They should consciously develop their children’s capabilities to think on their own. In addition, children should cope with the difficulties they encounter independently and may also search for parents’ necessary guide only at critical moments.


Positive parent-child bonds foster autonomy, curiosity, self-esteem and better decision-making skills. So let’s take actions to improve parent-child relationship before it’s too late.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on how to best handle the relationship between teachers and students. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.


With both parents having a daily job in most Chinese families in recent years, teachers and students are even becoming the main parts in teaching activities. Hence it is never so necessary to best handle the relationship between teachers and students.


To begin with, teachers need to be aware that they are the basis to make the teaching process function well. As educators, they should undertake the important responsibility to educate students from different backgrounds and with different academic levels. Only by being patient and thoughtful can they cultivate the future hope of our country and continue the development of human society. Furthermore, students on the other hand are the main part of learning. It is critical for them to respect their teachers, which is becoming less popular nowadays, as they can learn the core of textbooks and life from someone only if they trust him.


In all, the harmonious relationship between teachers and students will gain good result and it will bring unaccountable function to education career.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay on how to best handle the relationship between doctors and patients. You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words.


How to handle the relationship between doctors and patients?

In recent years, the relationship between doctors and patients has become increasingly tense and complicated. The disputes have intensified day by day. There is a lack of necessary understanding and trust between doctors and patients. The normal health care activities are deeply affected. The relationship between doctors and patients has become an unprecedented common concern of the whole society at this stage.

How to best handle the relationship between doctors and patients?Firstly of all, doctors should have medical ethics and humanities, which require extreme enthusiasm for patients and their technical excellence. Secondly, doctors and patients should communicate with each other. Furthermore, patients should know more knowledge of medicine. Besides, the government should provide more legal protection to help balance the doctor-patient relationship.  

Although we have a long way to go, we have reasons to believe that the doctor-patient relationship in China is gradually improving.



  • 1.C

  • 2.B

  • 3.D

  • 4.A

  • 5.B

  • 6.D

  • 7.C

  • 8.D

  • 9.A

  • 10.D

  • 11.C

  • 12.A

  • 13.B

  • 14.B

  • 15.D

  • 16.D

  • 17.B

  • 18.A

  • 19.B

  • 20C

  • 21.B

  • 22.A

  • 23.C

  • 24.D

  • 25.A





试卷一Section A选词填空

26. I) permit
27. O) territory
28. F) exclusive
29. C) commercial
30. D) communities
31. E) essential
32. G) independent
33. M) sponsor
34. J) secure
35. N) stocks

试卷一 Section B 段落信息匹配

试卷一  Section C 仔细阅读

Passage one

  • 46. What do we learn about chemist John Pemberton?

  • D)—He risked breaking local law to make a drink with coca leaves.

  • 47. What does the passage say about kola nuts?

  • D)—They were strange to the Europeans when first imported from West Africa.

  • 48. How come kola-extract colas became popular?

  • B)—Alcoholic drinks were prohibited.

  • 49. Wha is known about the taste of Cola-Cola?

  • B)—It still relies on traditional kola nut extract.

  • 50. What is the passage mainly about?

  • A)—The evolution of Cola-Cola.

Passage two

  • 51. What do we learn about American cities twenty years ago?

  • C) There was a clear divide between large and small cities.

  • 52. What can be inferred from the passage about 18-hour cities?

  • B) They have seen a rise in property prices.

  • 53. Years ago, many downtown cores in small to mid-sized cities_____.

  • D) looked deserted in the evenings

  • 54. What characterizes the new downtown areas in 18-hour cities?

  • C) Modernized housing and improved infrastructure.

  • 55. What have 18-hour cities brought to the local residents?

  • D) Better job opportunities.




3,205 meters above (the) sea level, Qinghai Lake is located about 100 kilometers west of Xining, capital of Qinghai province in western China. Qinghai Lake, the largest saline lake in the country, has a surface area of 4,317 square kilometers with a maximum depth of 25.5 meters. Most of the 23 rivers and streams that empty into Qinghai Lake are seasonal. Five major streams provide 80% of the lake’s total influx. Located at the crossroads of several bird migration routes across Asia, Qinghai Lake offers many species an intermediate stop during their migration. On the western side of the lake are the well-known “Bird Islands", which attract birdwatchers from across the globe. Every summer sees numerous visitors come here to watch the Qinghai Lake International Cycling Race.




Dongting Lake is a large, shallow lake in northeastern Hunan province, China. It is a flood basin of the Yangtze River. Hence, the lake's size depends on the season. The provinces of Hubei and Hunan are named after their location relative to the lake. Hubei means "North of the Lake" and Hunan, "South of the Lake". Dongting Lake is famous in Chinese culture as the birthplace of dragon boat racing, which is said to have begun on the eastern shores of Dongting Lake as a search for the body of Qu Yuan, the Chu poet (340–278 BC). Together with the lake and its surrounding beauty, the racing appeals to thousands of tourists from others parts of China and beyond each year.




With an area of 2,250 square kilometers, Lake Tai or Lake Taihu is the third largest freshwater lake after Poyang Lake and Dongting Lake. The lake in eastern China houses about 90 islands, ranging in size from a few square meters to several square kilometers. The lake is renowned for its unique limestone formations or "Taihu stones”, which are often prized as a decorating material for traditional Chinese gardens/are employed to decorate  traditional Chinese gardens. The lake is also known for its productive fishing industry. Since the late 1970s, harvesting fish and crabs has been invaluable to people living along the lake and has contributed significantly to the economy of the surrounding area. The lake is home to an extensive ceramics industry, including the Yixing pottery factory, which produces the world-renowned Yixing clay teapots.


Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay on the saying “Help others and you will be helped when you are in need.” You can cite examples to illustrate your views. You should write at least 150 words but no more than 200 words.



Be Ready to Help Others


There goes a saying that “Help others and you will be helped when you are in need”, which indicates a profound significance and value not only in our job but also in our study. Hence, my views are illustrated as follows. 


First and foremost, take finishing a job as an instance, one can't do all the jobs and complete all the things by himself, and cooperation and a help are needed. What’s more, to help others means to help ourselves. We can't live in the world alone. When we help others in trouble someday, they will do us a favor in return. On the contrary, if we don't offer a help for someone in need, we won't get a help. Last but not least, helping others is not only a good quality, but also a happy thing. We can get much happiness by helping others.


To sum up, just as a proverb goes, the rose's in her hand, the flavor in mine. We should believe that the more we help others, the more benefits we will get in our daily life.


The Importance of Mutual Understanding

As the saying goes, “Seek to understand other, and you will be understood.” The simple saying tells us the importance of mutual understanding. As a matter of fact, mutual understanding is not just a matter of importance, but also of necessity.

On the one hand, mutual understanding lays the foundation for all kinds of interpersonal relationships. The world is full of diversity and people hold different values and faith. Only when we understand each other can we put aside the differences, get along well with each other and keep a long-term relationship. On the other hand, mutual understanding can clear up misapprehensions. Everyone has his own principle when dealing with things. It’s unwise and unfair to judge a person’s behavior according to our own experience. To avoid misunderstanding, we need to put ourselves in others’ shoes.

In conclusion, mutual understanding undoubtedly fosters all relationships. Therefore, we should come to realize the importance of mutual understanding and try hard to create a harmonious world.


On Respect

When it comes to the issue of respects, a majority of people believe that they will respect others in the condition that others show respect to them, and others maintain that they only respect the stronger and richer persons. From my own perspective, all men need to respect others and be respected.

To begin with, everyone is born to be equal. Regardless of one's appearance, social status, health conditions and financial conditions, he has the right to be respected as a member of the society. Moreover, respects, in other word, esteems are crucial to an individual. In terms of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, when we have solved the problems of surviving and safety, we are eager to achieve the other three needs.

All in all, a healthy society contains respects of each other. A Chinese saying goes, treat other people as you hope they will treat you. Therefore, please show respects to other people and you will be respected.












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