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四六级高频词汇 Day 25

1.vain a. 徒劳的,无效的 
2.undertake vt. 承担,着手做;同意,答应 
3.unique a. 唯一的,独特的 
4.odd a. 奇特的,古怪的;奇数的 
5.omit vt. 省略 
6.opponent n. 敌手,对手 
7.semester n. 学期;半年 
8.semiconductor n. 半导体 
9.seminar n. 研讨会 
10.terminal a. 末端的,极限的 n. 终点 
11.territory n. 领土 
12.biology n. 生物学 
13.geology n. 地质学 
14.entertainment n. 娱乐;招待,款待 
15.entry n. 进入,入口处;参赛的人(或物) 



Welcome to English in a Minute, where we teach you all about idioms in American English.

Have you even heard the American English idioms...Once in a blue moon.

It doesn't mean that the moon is blue. So let's listen to this American English conversation to find out how

it is used:

A: Where did you say your brother lives?
B: He lives all the way in Minnesota, so I never get to see him. I only get to see him once in a blue moon.

Once in a blue moon is a common way of saying that something does not happen often. But what is a blue moon?

We typically see a full moon once a month. And seeing two full moons in the same month is rare. The second full moon in a particular month is called the blue moon.

Once in a blue moon is an informal phrase.

And that's English in a Minute.





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