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1. What does the man like to play now?

A. Basketball.

B. Baseball.

C. Tennis.

2. How many exams will the man take next week?

A. 3. B. 4. C. 5

3. What does the woman suggest the man do?

A. Wait until tomorrow.

B. Learn to do the copying.

C. Use her computer.

4. Where are the speakers?

A. In a supermarket.

B. At the airport.

C. In a car.

5. What are the speakers mainly talking about?

A. An athlete. B. A game. C. A friend.


6. What time does the movie begin?

A. At 6:15. B. At 6:30. C. At 6:45.

7. How is the weather?

A. Fine. B. Rainy. C. Cloudy


8. Why does the man apologize?

A. He ran into the woman.

B. He was late for the appointment.

C. He couldn't offer help to the woman.

9. What will the man do next?

A. Go shopping.

B. Take the bus.

C. Pack some bag.


10. Where was the woman born?

A. In Saudi Arabia.

B. In New York.

C. In London.

11. How did the woman find her first year at The London Weekly?

A. Discouraging.

B. Beneficial.

C. Exciting.

12. What is the woman's greatest strength?

A. She handles pressure well.

B. She is honorable and easy-going.

C. She is quick in learning new things.


13. Why is the man going to Hong Kong?

A. To have a holiday.

B. To go on business.

C. To study.

14. What class will the man travel?

A. The first class.

B. The business class.

C. The economy class.

15. How much should the man pay for the ticket in total?

A. $ 830. B. $ 870 C. $ 900.

16. For what will the man call back?

A. The hotel reservation.

B. The ticket information.

C. The climate in Hong Kong.


17. What is Dervla Murphy?

A. A journalist.

B. A photographer.

C. A travel writer.

18. Who inspired Dervla to start the journey?

A. Her father.

B. Her teacher.

C. Her pen pal.

19. What was Dervla's travel in the Balkans and Afghanistan like?

A. Enjoyable.

B. Dangerous.

C. Tiring.

20. Where would Dervla like to stay on her journey?

A. In a local family.

B. In a hotel.

C. In a camp.



21.Our English teacher keeps telling us that the future _______ people who have _______ good knowledge of English.

A. is belonging to;a   B. belongs to;/

C. is belonged to;the D. belongs to;a

22.There is no doubt that the reference book is of great value, so it is worth _______.

A. to buy   B. to be bought

C. buying  D. of being bought

23. It was not until the end of last term _______ he found _______ he thought is the right way to learn English.

A. that;what  B. that;that

C. what;that  D. that;which

24.The President of the United States Trump has been to many cities in China, _______ Jinan impresses him most.

A. of which     B. in which

C. with which  D. on which

25.This is the first time that the Chinese people _______ so much haze.

A. are suffering   B. had suffered

C. have suffered  D. have been suffered

26.Students _______ to do their math exercises at the beginning of the evening class, but finished only half when school was over.

A. set about      B. set out

C. get down to  D. look forward to

27.Creating an atmosphere _______ all students feel confident and positive is a big challenge for teachers.

A. when   B. whose

C. where  D. that

28.Mr.Wooden is _______ an efficient person that he can finish the work in _______ little time.

A. so;so          B such;so

C. such;such  D. so;such

29.Experts estimate it will be at least ten years _______ everything returns to normal in Syria.

A. before  B. when

C. as         D. since

30.The little boy is staring at his mother _______ she were a stranger.

A. even though  B. as though

C. now that        D. only if

31.What the man said doesn't _______ at all. Who will buy that?

A. come up      B. get along

C. make sense  D. stand for

32.At present, many people from the countryside go to big cities _______ better jobs.

A. in search of     B. in place of

C. in memory of  D. in spite of

33.At least three bullets were _______ from his wounds.

A. designed   B. removed

C. survived   D. decorated

34.Her husband, _______ I will tell you more about, is a mean man.

A. which  B. that

C. who     D. as

35.---The English exam was easy, wasn't it?

-Yes, but I don't think _______ could pass it

A. somebody  B. anybody

C. nobody       D. everybody



One afternoon I was driving down the freeway when I spotted a disabled car. Other cars had  36  in order to briefly glance at the car,  37  traffic in the process. I pulled up behind the car to find out  38  was going on. Suddenly, this pregnant woman stepped out, and she  39  to be in pain. I  40  the woman, asking if I could  41  . She said, "Please call my husband. My water has broken!"  42  as I was, I said "We have no time for that. Quick! Get in my car.

I was very nervous   43  my driving had to be both quick and  44  so that my passenger would not move around a lot. I tried offering  45  feedback, like "Everything's going to be OK" and "We're almost there". As we pulled up to the hospital entrance, I shouted  46  to have the staff bring out a  47  .It seemed a bit   48  answering questions about her given that we'd just met a few minutes before and I knew  49  besides her name. Fifteen minutes later I  50 a gentleman running out of a car at full  51  . I crossed my arms with a smile and said "Oh, you must be Marcus." "Yes!" he replied, out of  52  . "Where is she? Are you the one that brought her?" he asked. "Yes", I said, "She is in room 42." He thanked me and  53  me a $100 bill and rushed for the delivery room.

On the way out I asked a staff member to give the couple an envelope with a smile card. Its contents  54  the $100 bill with a note that   55  "Baby's college fund."


36.A.slowed      B. escaped   C. rushed         D. fixed

37.A.putting up B. setting up C. holding up D. looking up

38.A. how         B. whether    C. that            D. what

39.A.proved     B. appeared   C. pretended   D. preferred

40.A.doubted  B. requested  C. approached D. scolded

41.A.help        B. interrupt   C. watch          D. hurry

42.A.Amused B. Puzzled     C. Curious       D. Shocked

43.A. before   B. as              C. in case         D. for fear

44.A.casual    B. swift         C. steady         D. quiet

45.A. popular B. lovely    C. humorous      D. positive

46.A. loudly  B. privately  C. cautiously   D. politely

47. A. doctor B. computer  C. wheelchair D. driver

48.A. guilty   B. strange     C. serious        D. natural

49. A. nobody B. something C. nothing    D. all

50. A. witnessed B. showed C. caught      D. seized

51. A. length    B. power     C. confidence D. speed

52. A. control   B. breath    C. trouble        D. order

53. A. handed  B. sent         C. lent             D. took

54. A. represented B. sealed C. signaled   D. included

55. A. wrote      B. read        C. printed      D. copied




   Despite the fact that China's ski resorts are still relatively unheard of among foreign tourists, the ex-pat community living here, especially the British, Australians and Americans, have long since discovered that China not only has some decent ski slopes, but that the slopes are in fact a fun place to meet others, and of course ski gear can be rented on site. Below is detailed information of China's Top 4 ski resorts.


Yabuli Ski Resort -the best and largest ski resort in China

Location: Heilongjiang Province in northeast China.

Features: The largest Ski Resort in China.

Season: Mid November.-Late March

Trail vertical drop: From 200m to 1200m with the average drop of 700m

Skiing Market: Suitable for all particularly for those experienced skiers.

Recommended tour: 4-Day Club Med Yabuli Skiing Vacation


Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort-Largest Ski Resort close to Beijing

Features: The best and largest ski resort close to Beijing.

Season: Mid December to March

Location: 62 kilometers away from Beijing.


Ski Board: Yes

Skiing Market:Suitable for all

Recommended tour: 5-Day Essence of Beijing and Nanshan Ski Resort


Xiling Ski Resort- China's largest alpine ski resort

Features: China's best alpine ski resort.

Season: Mid December to March

Location: At Xiling Snow Mountain 120 kilometers away from Chengdu in Southwest China's Sichuan Province.

Highest mountain: 5364 meters

Trail: 7,10 kilometers in length

Skiing Market: Suitable for all


Alshan Ski Resort

Features:Resort surrounded by forests

Season: November to April

Location: On the border of Inner Mongolia in China and Mongolia itself, 3-4 hours by bus/train from Ulanhot.

Skiing Market: Suitable for skiers of every level.


56.This passage was written to _______.

A. advertise

B. entertain a

C. teach   

D. persuade

57. Xiling Ski Resort is unique in its _______.

A. opening time

B. number of trails

C. best service

D. high mountain slopes

58. Where can a ski lover go if he/she only has a holiday in April?

A. Yabuli Ski Resort.

B. Beijing Nanshan Ski Resort.

C. Xiling Ski Resort.

D. Alshan Ski Resort.



On one recent morning in the American state of Utah, 2-year-old twin boys Bowdy and Brock were playing in their bedroom. The boys were climbing on a piece of furniture called a dresser. They were trying to get into some empty drawers and climb to the top of the dresser. But as they both tried to climb up, the large dresser fell down on top of them.

The accident was recorded on a camera the boys' parents put in the bedroom. Some parents use these kinds of cameras to watch their children playing in another room. One of the young boys, Bowdy, managed to escape from under the dresser. But his brother, Brock, remained stuck under it. The video shows Bowdy was walking around the dresser trying to find a way to free his brother. Almost two minutes passed. But Bowdy couldn't move the dresser. Eventually, though, Bowdy found a way to push the dresser toward the wall. His brother was then able to roll out from underneath the big piece of furniture. Both boys were okay. They were not hurt.

Their parents decided to put the video of the incident on You Tube. They hoped it would be a warning to other parents around the world. Ricky Shoff is the father of the boys. He posted the video to his Facebook page on January 1. He wrote: "I've been a little hesitant to post this. But I feel it's not only to bring awareness, but it is also incredible." Shoff also told his friends to share the video and to make sure their furniture was secure. Kayli Shoff, the boys' mother, said when she first saw the video, she "felt like the worst mom." But the parents said they made the video public even though they knew they would be criticized for not paying enough attention to their children.

This is not the first time falling furniture has made the news in recent months. In December, furniture-maker Ikea agreed to pay $50 million to the families of three American boys, in three different states, killed by falling dressers. The company is recalling its furniture. It is also offering customers a refund or free tools to attach the furniture to a wall.


59.What were the twin boys doing when the accident happened?

A. They were looking for some clothes.

B. They were fixing some furniture.

C. They were trying to climb a dresser.

D. They were hiding from a camera.

60.Which words should be used to describe Bowdy?

A. Smart and calm.

B. Strong and friendly.

C. Patient and devoted.

D. Generous and selfless.

61.What was the parents' intention in making the video public?

A. To express their regret.'

B. To raise safety awareness.

C. To receive congratulations.

D. To attract attention.

62.Which of the following can be the best title of the news report?

A. How to Teach Babies to Survive Accidents

B. Accidents Involving Babies on the Increase

C. Ikea Finally Agreed to Pay Furniture Victims' Family

D. Young Boy Rescued Brother Trapped Under Furniture



Over 1 million migrants arrived in Europe in 2015. Most were fleeing struggling economies and war in places like Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and East Africa. Many of these people arrive in new countries and expect life to become easier almost immediately. But when they arrive, the migrants face a confusing world.

Melissa Fogg is the program manager for the Philadelphia Refugee Mental Health Collaborative(PRMHC). The PRMHC is an organization that helps refugees(难民)entering the U.S. build their lives in their new country. The PRMHC teaches the refugees skills and helps them adjust to living in a different environment. Fogg said weather, language and safety issues are only some of the things that can cause problems. "Immigrants and refugees have a very idealized version of the United States from movies, magazines, the media. And a lot of that is just not true."

What seems normal in one country might be illegal in another country. For example, men and woman have equal rights under the law in the U.S. These laws can be hard for new arrivals to understand. But that is not the only confusing thing about being in a different country. Some laws and rules are written down. But there are lots of "unwritten rules," too. Unwritten rules are behaviors that no one talks about, but that most people understand. People in a host country might think their behavior is normal, while newcomers might find it offensive or inappropriate. Fogg said that these differences can make becoming part of a new culture seem impossible." America's not a perfect country." Also, it is important to know that not all differences are major. Often there can be small differences between places that share a border and a language. A person from Canada might find people in the United States are less polite. Likewise, Americans might find Canadians too reserved.


63.We can learn from paragraph one that most migrants _______.

A. have adjusted to new countries

B. desire to live a better life

C. feel confused about their motherland

D. move to get better education

64.What can we learn about PRMHC?

A. It is aimed to help refugees in Europe.

B. It provides food and shelter for refugees

C. It returns refugees back to their country.

D. It focuses on educating refugees to fit in.

65.Why does the author mention Canada in the last paragraph?

A. To show "small differences" do exist.

B. To prove the power of "written rules".

C. To display the influence of "unwritten rules".

D. To imply America is not a perfect country.

66.What might follow the passage?

A. In what ways Americans are impolite.

B. Why Canadians are considered reserved

C. More issues new arrivals need to know.

D. Other organizations similar to PRMHC.



Eleven million people worldwide travel to other countries for low-cost medical treatment. This kind of travel is known as “medical tourism.”

Experts predict the industry will grow by up to 25 percent a year over the next 10 years. VISA and Oxford Economics recently studied medical tourism trends, showing that such travel is increasing because of the rising cost of medical treatments, the aging of societies and advances in international transportation.

A company called MedRepublic is connecting doctors with people around the world who need medical care. Robert Page founded the company. "Our software allows patients to use our website so they can search for doctors directly and talk to them," he said.

The recent VISA study says the United States is the top destination for medical tourism. It also found an increasing number of people are traveling to Singapore, Germany, Korea, Spain, Britain, Canada and Israel for medical care. The report predicts China will become the top destination within the next 10 years.

Between 750,000 and 1.8 million Americans leave the USA for medical reasons every year because of the high costs of treatments and surgeries. Page says Mexico is a common choice for

American medical tourists.

“For Americans, the main destination is Mexico due to its geographical closeness and the relationship between both countries. The main reason is treatment for cancer," he said. Many Americans also travel to other countries for plastic surgery, stomach surgery dental surgery, gastric bypasses and orthopedic surgeries.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns that there are risks connected to less-costly medical treatments in other countries. Robert Page of Med Republic says his company tries to lower those risks by helping patients talk directly with foreign doctors. "We are trying to resolve those issues with the right kind of information to show that a doctor and a hospital in India, for example, offer the same quality as a doctor or a hospital in the United States."


67.Which of the factors does NOT contribute to the popularity of medical tourism?

A. Money problems.

B. The increasing number of old people.

C. The development of tourism.

D. More convenient transportation.

68.What is the chief purpose of Americans' medical tour to Mexico?

A. To treat cancer.

B. To have plastic surgery.

C. To have stomach surgery.

D. To cure their teeth problems.

69.What can we know about Med Republic?

A. It is a kind of travel agency.

B. It sells medical software.

C. It is banned by US authority.

D. It links doctors with patients.

70.What does the underlined words  "those issues" probably refer to?

A. Difference in expenses.

B. Possible medical risks.

C. Qualification of doctors.

D. Quality of medical service.


E (七选五)

Khan Lab School is bringing back the one-room model to teach young students in Mountain View, California.  71   Silicon Valley, known for its technology companies, is also the birthplace of the school.

No homework

Students ages 5 to 15 attend the experimental Khan Lab School.  72  The school is the idea of Salman Khan, the founder of Khan Academy-famous for its educational videos. The videos are available on the Internet free of charge and have millions of users around the world. Khan said he started Khan Lab School because he thinks the current education system has problems.  73  


Khan said students also learn the study material at their own speed through videos. And, they get more attention through one-on-one discussions with teachers. They also learn by doing projects. The schools director, Dominic Liechti, said this way of learning better prepares students for the future. He said the duties of a teacher need to change from leading the class to being someone who guides students in their learning, and provides individual support.

Work in progress

Salman Khan describes his Khan Lab School as a work in progress. "Like a R-and-D lab (research and development lab), the first time that you make the drug or the first time that you make the material," Khan said. "It's not scalable yet, but you need to make it the first time and say 'that's a pretty strong material.'   75   "The community in the Mountain View area has been open to this new method to educating students, especially in Silicon Valley.


A. Personalized learning

B. Preparing students for better jobs

C. It has no grade levels and no homework.

D. He hopes to create a better learning model.

E. The school is a laboratory for an experimental kind of learning.

F. Children in this school become more confident and more successful.

G. And then you can think about how to make it more affordable.




My wife and I are   76   (决心的)to leave the city where we are living. Why? It's a long story. To begin with, people's   77  (态度)towards us Americans is unbearable. We do not enjoy    78  (平等)with the native staff in the company we work for. Last month, I was put in charge of  79   (组织)an informal party, where they drank, talked and laughed. Suddenly, my colleagues started making jokes about Americans, totally   80  (忽视)my existence. At that moment, what I felt was pure   81  (孤独感). Besides, there is too much   82  (暴力) in the city. Murders, robberies, and street fights are reported every day on TV. Surely, we don't want our kids to be  83    (攻击)someday only because we look different. The little kids don't deserve it.

As we are well  84  (受过教育的)people, it is not so hard to land a new job elsewhere. Now, we have received a job offer from China. Since my wife can speak Chinese   85  (流利地),we have decided to accept it. We're moving to Beijing next week. Actually, we are looking forward to our new life.



   I often quarrel about my parents over my hobbies. I believe watch TV and playing some computer games is not harmful to me. Besides, my parents insist that I focus on my study and get good grades so that I can admitted to a good university. They force me to make fully use of my time so that I have no time left at all. As the result, I'm often angry with my parents. But I have changed my minds after listening to your lecture. I have understand them. I know it if I didn't work hard now, I would regret it when I grow up.



   假定你是高三学生李华,准备参加某英文报社组织的主题为“How to handle stress”的主题征文活动。请用英语写一篇文章,内容包括:











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