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Directions: For thispart, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay. You should start your essaywith a brief description of the picture and comment on parents’ role in theirchildren’s growth. You should write at least 120 but no more than 180 words.




Technology has dramaticallychanged our world, stretching its legs to all walks of life. As is humorouslydepicted in the drawing, a boy holding a cellphone in his hand is asking hismother with great surprise. Since his phone can solve all the problems for him,he argues, is it still necessary to go to school?

Funny as it seems, thispicture poses us a controversial question: “can technology replace traditionalschool learning?” For centuries, our Chinese have adhered to the public wisdom:school where education is provided is indispensable in our development.Nevertheless, there is a growing recognition that technology plays an extremelyimportant role in our study, which we can hardly ignored. Nowadays, whenchildren have questions, “baidu”instead of “teacher” will be the first to cometo their minds.

To my knowledge, schoollearning should go hand in hand with technology. While cell

phonesdo help in solving school problems, they cannot have answers to all thequestions, such as “how to become a real man”, “how to make real friends”.Schools can shape our personality and allow us to adapt to the real world.


Directions: For thispart, you are allowed 30 minutes to write an essay. You should start your essaywith a brief description of the picture and comment on parents’ role in theirchildren’s growth. You should write at least 120 but no more than 180 words.






How impressive the cartoon is in describing themost widespread social phenomenon concerning the independence of the children.Let’s take a closer look at the drawing, the girl told her mother she wasaccepted by the university of her mother’s choice with pride. The author’s realpurpose is not the drawing itself, but to lead us to secure what hides behindthe picture.

What are the reasons for it? In thefollowing sentences, I’ll venture to explore the reasons. To start with, theonly-one child policy in China has made more and more parents pay muchattention to their children that they would like to replace their children todo everything. In addition, parents don’t believe that their children haveenough ability to deal with their personal matters and make any decisions.

There are some suggestions given to ourparents. For one thing, it is quite important for our parents to realize thattheir children will grow up and have their own ideas as time goes by. Foranother, children should be encouraged to make some decisions alone so thatthey are able to pursue what they really want. I contend that our parentsshould give their children a free hand in some matters to help them to beindependent.


有道 &考神团队





This picture vividly describes that theperson uses a computer in the whole day even when he falls asleep at night.What the cartoon conveys is the impact of computers on people.

New products are being invented everyminute of every day, all of which will hold sway over people in some respects.However, in all these technologies and products, computers have exerted themost important influence on people. Some people assert that computers have madelife more complex and stressful, while some people believe that computers havemade life easier and more convenient. Now many of my classmates like to surfthe Internet in their free time. I think Internet can bring us both advantagesand disadvantages. For example, if I have some trouble studying

I can surf the internet to find more helpful information. However, Internet can make someproblems at the same time.

In a word, in spite of the fact thecomputer appears to have made life more complex and stressful, I feel that the advantages are more obvious, which have become an integral part of everyday life.


有道学堂 &考神团队


China is oneof the world’s most ancient civilizations. Many elements that founded themodern world originated in China. China has the world's fastest growing economyand is undergoing a new industrial revolution. China has also launched itsambitious space exploration plan, including building a space station by 2020.Now, China is one of the largest exporters in the world and is attracting alarge number of foreign investment. Meanwhile, it has invested billions ofdollars overseas. In 2011, China surpassed Japan and became the world secondlargest economy.


有道学堂 &考神团队

据报道,今年中国快递服务(courier service)将递送大约120亿件包裹。这将使中国有可能赶超美国成为世界上最大的快递市场。大多数包裹里装着网上订购的物品。中国约有百万在线零售商以及其竞争力的价格销售商品的机会,仅在11月11日,中国消费者就在国内最大的购物平台买了价值90亿美元的商品。中国有不少这样的特殊购物日,因此,快递能在中国扩展就不足为奇了。

According to reports,this year, China‘scourier service will deliver about12 billion parcels. This will make it possible for China to overtake the UnitedStates as the world's largest express market. Most of the items which wereordered online are contained in the parcels. In China, there are opportunities formillions of online retailers to sell their products with competitive prices. Onlyon November 11th , Chineseconsumers have bought $9 billion worth of goods on the biggestshoppingplatform. China has many these kinds of special shopping days, so the expansionof courier service in China is not surprising.




In the eyes of Westerners, the basic food thatis most closely connected with China is rice. For a long time, rice plays avery important role in Chinese people's diet.There is a very famous proverb goes like this: Even a clever woman[housewife] cannot cook a meal without rice(You cannot make bricks withoutstraw). Most rice is grown in southern China and people usually eat rice asstaple food. While it is too cold or too dry to grow rice in most areas ofnorthern China , the main crop is wheat. In China, some people make bread withflour, but most people use it to make steamed buns and noodles.



Section A



W:I'm going to give up playing chess, I lost again today.

M:Just because you lost? Is that any reason to quit?

Q:What does the man imply?


M:Do you know Sally's new address? She's got some mail here and I'd like toforward it to her.

W:Well, we've not been in touch for quite a while, let's see, Mary should knowit.

Q:What does the woman mean?


W:I missed classes this morning. Could you please lend me your notes?

M:My notes? You've never seen my handwriting, have you?

Q:What does the man imply?


M:I'm taking my girlfriend to the fancy new restaurant for her birthday tonight.

W:I went there last weekend. I found it rather disappointing.

Q:What does the woman mean?


W:Winter is over at last. Time to put away my gloves and boots.

M:I have been waiting for this for months.

Q:What does the man mean?


W:Thank you for bringing the books back.

M:I thought you'd need them over the weekend. Many thanks to letting me use them.

Q:What do we learn from the conversation?


W:Are you working flexible hours?

M:No, I'm not. The weather today is so nice, so I decided to walk to work, andthat meant I had to leave an hour earlier than usual.

Q:What did the man decide to do?


W:Our plane has been circling for a long time. Why did it delay?

M:The airport was closed for a while this morning, and then things are still notback to normal.

Q:What does the man mean?



W:Morning, this is TGC.

M:Goodmorning, Walter Berry here, calling from London. Could I speak to Mr. Grand,please?

W:Who is calling, please?

M:Walter Berry from London.

W:What is it about, please?

M:Well, I understand that your company has a chemical processing plant. My owncompany, LCP, Liquid Control Products, is a leader in safety from leaks in thefield of chemical processing. I’d like to speak to Mr. Grand to discuss ways inwhich we could help TGC protect itself from such problems and save money at thesame time.

W:I see. Well, Mr. Grand is not available just now.

M:Can you tell me when I could reach him?

W:He is very busy for the next few days. Then he’ll be away in New York. So it’sdifficult to give you a time.

M:Could I speak to someone else, perhaps?

W:Who in particular?

M:A colleague, for example.

W:You are speaking to his personal assistant. I can deal with calls for Mr Grand.

M:Yes, well, could I ring him tomorrow?

W:No, I’m sorry. He won’t be free tomorrow. Listen, let me suggest something. Yousend us details of your products and services, together with references fromother companies. And then we will contact you.

M:Yes, that’s very kind of you. I have your address.

W:Very good. Mr.….

M:Berry. Walter Berry from LCP in London.

W:Right, Mr. Berry. We’ll look forward to hearing from you.

M:Thank you. Goodbye.


9.What do we learn about the woman’s company?

10.What do we learn about the man?

11.What is the woman’s position in her company?

12.What does the woman suggest the man do?

Conversion 2 (13-15)

M:Miss Yamada, did you ever think that you would find yourself living and workingin the western world?

W:No, not really. Although I always listen to recordings of great orchestras fromEurope.

M:So, enjoy the classical music even when you were very young?

W:Oh, yes. I was the only child.

M:You were born in 1955. Is that right?

W:Yes, I began violin lessons at school when I was 6.

M:As young as that. Did you like it?

W:Oh, yes. Very much.

M:When did you first play on your own? I mean, when did you give your firstperformance?

W:I think I was 8, no, 9. I just had my birthday a week before. And my father hadbought me a new violin. I played a small piece at school concert.

M:Did you know then that you would become a professional violinist?

W:Yes, I think so. I enjoyed playing the violin very much. And I didn’t mindpracticing, sometimes 3 or 4 hours a day.

M:And when did you first come to Europe?

W:I was very lucky. When I was 15, I won a scholarship to a college in Paris.That was for 3-year course.

M:How did your parents feel about that?

W:I think they were pleased and worried at the same time. It was a chance of thelifetime. But of course, I would be thousands of miles from home. Anyway, Istudied in Paris for 3 years, and then went back to Tokyo.

13.What do we know about the woman before she went to Europe?

14.What does the woman say about her music experience?

15.What does the woman say about her study in Paris?

Passage one16-18

What makes apersonfamous?This is amysterythatmanypeoplehavethoughtabout.Allkindsofmythssurroundthelivesofwell-knownpeople.MostpeoplearefamiliarwiththeworksofWilliamShakespeare,oneofthegreatestEnglishwritersofthe16thand17thcenturies.YethowmanyknowShakespeare,theperson,themanbehindtheworks?Aftercenturiesofresearch,schlarsarestilltryingtodiscoverShakespeare’spersonalhistory.It is noteasilyfoundinhiswritings.Authorsofthetimecouldnotprotecttheirworks.Anactingcompany,forexample,couldchangetheplayiftheywantedto.Nowadays,writershavecopyrightstoprotecttheirwork.ManymythsarouseaboutShakespeare.Somesaidhehadnoformaleducation.Othersbelievethathebeganhiscareerbytendingthehorsesofwealthymen.Allofthesemythsareinteresting,butaretheytrue?Probablynot.Shakespeare’sfatherwasarespectivemaninStratford-upon-Avon,amanofthetowncouncil.HesentyoungWilliamtogrammarschool.MostpeopleofElizabethantimesdidnotcontinuebeyondgrammarschool.So Shakespearedidhaveatleastaverageeducation.SomepathsofShakespeare’slifewerealwaysremainunknown.The greatLondonfirearouses1666burnedmanyimportantdocumentsthatcould’vebeenasourceofclues.Wewerealwaysbeleftwithmanyquestionsandfewfacts.

16.What does speaker say about William Shakespeare?

17.What does we learn about Shakespeare’s father?

18whydoes the speaker say parts of Shakespeare’s life remain a mystery?

Passage two(19-20)

Whereveryou go and for whatever reason, it’s important to be safe. While the majorityof people you meet in travelling are short to be friendly and welcoming, theyare dangerous. First being the most common. Just as in your home country. Donot expect everyone you meet to be friendly and helpful. It’s important toprepared for your trip in advance and to take precautions while you aretravelling. As you prepare for your trip, make sure your have the right paperwork.

You don’t want to get to yourdestination, only to find you have the wrong visa, or worse, that your passportisn’t valid anymore. Also, make sure you travel with proper medical insurance.So that if you sick or injured during your travels, you will be able to gettreatment. If you want to drive all year abroad, make sure you have ainternational driver’s license.

When youget to your destination, use official transport. Always go to bus and taxistands, don’t except rights from strangers who offer you a lift. If there isn’ta meter in the taxi, agree on the price before you get in. If you prefer tostay in cheap hotels while travelling, make sure you can lock the door of yourroom from the inside. Finally, bear in mind to simile. It’s the friendly andthe most sincere form of communication. And it sure to be understood in anypart of the world.

19What is mentioned as a most common danger when people go travelling abroad?

20What is the most important thing to do when you prepare for your trip abroad?

21What does the speaker suggest you do when you arrive at your destination?

Passage Three(21-23)

TheBritish are supposed to be famous for laughing at themselves. But even theirsense of humor has a limit. As the British retailer JR found out to his cost.When R took over his father’s chain of 130 jeweler shops in 1984, he introduceda very clear company policy, he decided that his shops should sell down marketproducts at the lowest possible prices. It was a great success. The Britishpublic loved his cheap gold earrings and his tasteless silver ornaments. By1991, R company had 2,400 shops and it was worth over 680 million pounds. Butin April of that year, JR made a big mistake. At a big meeting of top Britishbusiness people, he sold up an explain the secret of his success. "Peoplesay, how can we sell our goods for such a low price? I say, because they'reabsolute rubbish." His audience roared with laughter. But the Britishnewspapers and the British public were not so amused. People felt insulted andstayed away from R shops. Sales failed and 6 months after his speech, R shareprice had fallen by 42 percent. The following year, things got worse, and JRwas forced to resign. By the end of 1992, he lost his company, his career, andhis house. Even worse, 25,000 of his employees had lost their jobs. It had beena very expensive joke.

22What did JR decide to do when he took over his father's shops?

23On what occasion did JR explain the secret of his success?

24How did people feel when they learned of JR's remarks?

25What does the story of JR suggest?


Lookingat the basic biological systems, the world is not doing very well. Yet,economic indicators show the world is prospering. Despite a slow start at thebeginning of the 80s, global economic output increased by more than a fifthduring the decade. The economy grew, trade increased, and millions of new jobswere created. How can biological indicators show the opposite of economicindicators? The answer is that the economic indicators have a basic fault. Theyshow no difference between resource uses that sustain progress and those usesthat will hurt it. The main measure of economic progress is the Gross NationalProducts -- GNP. In simple terms, this totals the value of all goods andservices produced and subtracts loss in value of factories and equipment.Developed a half century ago, GNP helped establish a common way among countriesof measuring change in economic output. For some time, this seemed to workreasonably well, but serious weaknesses are now appearing. As indicatedearlier, GNP includes loss in value of factories and equipment, but it does nottake into account the loss of natural resources, including non-renewableresources, such as oil, or renewable resources, such as forests. This basicfault can produce a misleading sense of national economic health. According toGNP, for example, countries that overcut forest actually do better than thosethat preserve their forests. The trees cut down are counted as income but nosubtraction is made for using up the forests.






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