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【参考范文】The comic is an ironical illustration that it is unadvisable to search for a shortcut to learning. The student tries to find a book about how to do well in school without studying in the library, only to be told that it is unrealistic and impractical.

The discussion of whether there is a shortcut to learning is essentially the requesting for a supreme learning method – a panacea every learner wishes for. In my opinion, the shortcut to learning does exist. It is the combination of diligence and intelligence. As Thomas Edison says, “Genius is one per cent inspiration, ninety-nine per cent perspiration.”

On one hand, hard work is the premise and prerequisite for achieving academic success. Even the most resourceful ones have to devote their time studying and reading, because knowledge does not go automatically into the brain. All efforts will be futile if we idle away our time.

On the other hand, it is undeniable that there are ways to improve learning efficiency, especially with the support of technology like the Internet. Better learners are always the ones with cleverer learning skills.

To sum up, only when we diligently and skillfully can we achieve academic success.

2014.12.20 英语六级作文范文:合理利用技术

【参考范文】The picture vividly depicts that a teaching is asking a pupil to answer a simple math-related question——what’s two plus two? Unfortunately, the child cannot answer such an easy question without tech help. In fact, the phenomenon conveyed in the picture does not surprise us, because as the science and technology develops, the topic concerning the side effects of technological advancement increasingly arouses people’s attention。

  Undoubtedly, the drawer of the picture aims at reminding us that we should use technology in a proper way and not be too tech-dependent to solve the simple problem independently. It is well known that thanks to the development of human civilization, many formerly unimaginable things come into reality. But, while enjoying the convenience produced by tech, we must alert its harm. Being over-addicted to technology will cost our health, independence, wisdom,creativity and even our ability to live。

  Weighing the pros and cons of the technology, perhaps the best policy is to apply it properly. At the same time, we must avoid its harmful part. Furthermore, young people should be advised that depending too much on technology is hardly beneficial for them at all and more importantly they are expected to acquire the capacity to think independently。




2014.12.20 英语六级作文范文:学历求职


In the modern society, with competition becomes increasingly fierce, to find a job is too difficult for the young generation. Academic qualification, as a job a stepping-stone, is an essential factor during the job hunting。

Some people think that the highly educated must be able to find a good job, because education can prove that a person has a good capacity. Therefore, it is commonly believe that a job seeker with a master degree must be easier to find a promising job than a undergraduate. However, now the company interviewers generally prefer to required a even higher academic qualification, like a doctor degree. Otherwise, the applicants, even though he or she has tremendous potential, will be refused relentlessly。

As far as I am concerned, education should not be the single standard in an interview. As for the companies, it is not necessarily a good principle as well. Now the whole community often talk about working ability and efficiency. For example, some people may have high academic qualification, but actually his ability is very limited. So both the individual and the community ought to change their attitude on academic qualification. We should realize that it is the operational capability and service ability which can help you to find a good job。







 翻译1: 自从1978年启动改革以来,中国已从计划经济转为以市场为基础的经济,经历了经济和社会的快速发展。平均10%的GDP增长已使五亿多人脱贫。联合国的“千年(millennium)发展目标”在中国均已达到或即将达到。目前,中国的第十二个五年规划强调发展服务业和解决环境及社会不平衡的问题。政府已设定目标减少污染,提高能源效率,改善得到教育和医保的机会,并扩大社会保障。中国现在7%的经济年增长目标表明政府是在重视生活质量而不是增长速度。

  Since the reform in 1978, with the rapiddevelopment of economy and society, Chinese economy has transferred into marketeconomy from command economy. The average 10% growth of GDP has lifted morethan 500 million people out of poverty. The Millennium Goal of the U.N. hasbeen fully or partially achieved throughout China. At present, the 12thFive-year Plan in China emphasizes the development of service industry and thesolution of imbalance of environment and society. The government has set goalsto reduce pollution, enhance energy efficiency, improve educationalopportunities and medical insurance and expand social security. The 7% growthannual goal demonstrates that the government is concentrating on the quality oflife rather than the speed of growth。




  China will endeavor to ensure everyemployee to have average 13.3 years of education. If the goal is achieved, amajority of people entering the labor market will be having Bachelor’s degree。

  In the next few years, China willincrease the number of people in vocational college. Except focusing on thehigher education, the government will find a breakthrough point to ensure thejustice of education. China is trying to optimize education resources and,accordingly, the countryside as well as the less developed areas will receivemore support。

  In addition, the education ministrydecides to improve the nutrition of students in less developed areas andprovides equal opportunities for the children of workers from out of town toreceive education in the city。


 The ideal rural lifestyle reflected inthe art and literature is a great characteristic in Chinese civilization. It islargely attributed to the Taoism affection to nature。

  There are two most preferred topics intraditional Chinese paintings. One kind depicts various happy scenes of familylife in which the elderly play chess and drink tea, young men farm and harvestin the field, women weave or sew clothes and kids play in the outside. Theother depicts the recreations of rural life. In these paintings, fishermen fishon the lake, famers hew or collect herbs on the hills and scholars composepoems or paintings under pine trees. These two themes respectively representthe ideal life of Confucianism and Taoism。


36. L-inquiring

37. O-unfortunately

38. C-assumptions

39. M-passion

40. B-acquiring

41. K-impart

42. D-convenience

43. F-exclude

44. E-eventually

45. H-exploration

2014.12.20 英语六级听力原文(复合式听写)

Intolerance is the art of ignoring any view that differs from your own. it manifests the thought and hatred, stereotypes, prejudice and discrimination. Once it intensifies people, intolerance is nearly impossible to overcome. but why would anyone want to be labeled as intolerance? why would people want to be informed for the world around them? why would one would be the problem in the America instead of the solution? there are many of the explanations for the intolerant attitude. Some dates it back to the childhood. it is likely that it is the tolerance forks grew up imitating their intolerant parents. and the psychoses prejudice has simply continued through generations. Perhaps intolerant people are so sad in their ways that they find it easier to ignore anything that might not conform to their limited in few of life. we may be tolerant students have seem be never exposed to anyone different from themselves. But none of these reasons are excuse for allowing intolerance to continue. Intolerance should not be confused with disagreement. it is of course, possible to disagree with opinions without being intolerant. If you understand and believe, but still don’t believe in that specific beliefs. that’s fine. you are entitled to your opinion. As a matter of fact, knowledgeable decanters are important for any belief. if we all believe the same things, we’ll never grow and we’ll never know about the world around us. intolerance doesn’t stand for disagreement. it stands for fear and fear stands for ignorance .

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