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Topic Eleven: Information Technology + Economy




Q1:Do you think it possible for computers to replace teachers in the classroom in the future? Why?

Q2:What are the possible benefits and drawbacks of teleworking?

Q3:Online game is getting popular with young people and online addiction grips young people in a vice. In your opinion, what can be done to help those young people out from addiction? 




关于好处:First, computer is trendy stuff for my study. Whenever I bump into some difficult questions, computer offers me with almost all possible solutions, instead of making me rush around the libraries or consult the teachers that are not always available. Therefore, I can save my time and energy.

Second, computer is a brand-new tool in my leisure time. In order to Idle my time away, I can use computer to watch videos such as movies, TV series or cartoons after a whole day’s hard work so that I become enthusiastic again. At the same time, my money is saved and I can enjoy various options.

坏处解决办法: for people living in the metropolis, manual work in the garden or in the field is healthy for both the body and the mind. The ploughing and sowing experience gives people the chance to sweat under the sun and taking care of them gives people the feeling of joy and satisfaction.

Topic Twelve: Social Problems


Q1:What is the present condition of health care/ food safety/citi-bikes?

Q2:Ways to solve the health care/food safety problem.


If the food is safe, it will be beneficial for our physical/body health. People need food which is not only tasty, but also contains nutrients such as vitamins and carbohydrate which are indispensable to our body, and this sort of healthy diet will be good for people’s working efficiency and the country’s economy.


Topic Thirteen: Energy

新能源; 绿水青山就是金山银山;


Q1:Would you please name some examples of new energy?

Q2:What can we do to reduce air pollution? Give examples and details in your answer.



New energy help people keep healthy physically and mentally. People who use new energy instead of burning fuels or consuming the forest are making contribution to the protection of trees. By purifying the polluted air and beatifying the environment, trees can give people fresh air to breathe and large area of greenness to see, so that people's body health can be guaranteed. As a result, people’s sense of happiness will be enhanced.

Second, trees will increase students’ study efficiency. As trees block the noises outside, students will concentrate more on their courses in a relatively quiet environment rather than being distracted. Eventually, students have more satisfying grades.


Topic Fourteen: Food+Health


肥胖问题我们可以参照Topic Twelve: Social Problems当中的食品安全参考答案来作答,当然,也可以建议减肥人士多运动,因为去健身房运动其实也是一种阳光社交,请见下文。

It’s a sort of social activity. After communicating with the new coworkers from diverse backgrounds, I can see their bright sides which can be applied into my daily life. Through this experience, I will get more friendship and polish my interpersonal skills.

Topic Fifteen: Animals and Pets



The problems we may encounter are the sanitation problem and the safety problem. We need to clean them and also protect ourselves from getting hurt.

More and more people prefer to keep pets because they can make people relaxed. People often work hard to climb a higher social ladder. During their process of working, they always work for 12 or even 14 hours each day, so they play with their pets, wandering around the park or cleaning them, which is a good way to get them out from the stressful life.

Topic Sixteen: Mass Media



1. 比如近两年比较火爆的网络直播,直播的作用是什么?你可以说出来正面影响和反面影响。正面影响,你可以说促进学习,交朋友,还能看到自己心爱的爱豆特别开心;负面影响可能是有些直播会让你花钱啦,你就不能用零花钱买书旅游之类的。

2. 上面提到的关于mass media的相关内容,其实都是需要监管的。监管的途径可以利用名人效应,也可以通过执法部门的帮助。这样就可以通过人物的模板套过来。

We can invite celebrities to tell the public to supervise the mass media. I will take my role model… as an example. Under the difficult situations such as the low family income or poor study environment, she keeps pursuing her dream of being a top university graduate. Having supported by her own strong spirit, she successfully realizes her goal. She inspires me to realize my own dream of getting a high CET grade. So her quality will make people believe what she says.

We can ask for help from the police officers.  They are usually warm-hearted. They never hesitate to give others a hand when they fall into troubles and help them go through without asking for any reward. From the police officers, we learn that we should be grateful to those who help the vulnerable because of their influence. 

Topic Seventeen: Employment






This university helps me develop the necessary theoretical buildup and research skills through my undergraduate program in 自己专业, also, this school provides me the opportunity to do deeper analysis so maybe after graduation, I will consider myself qualified for a challenging graduate program. I want to study 专业 there because the university is particularly strong in this program, with advanced facilities, abundant research funds, and outstanding researchers. My potential advisor Prof. 你指导老师的名字, a distinguished 学科领域, has been performing some very pioneering research.



It’s a sort of social activity. After communicating with the new coworkers from diverse backgrounds, I can see their bright sides which can be applied into my daily life. Through this experience, I will get more friendship and polish my interpersonal skills.

Topic Eighteen: Holidays



去年四级考到了出国旅行。Your chief consideration about traveling overseas.

While I am traveling abroad, I have several things to concern about. The first one is whether I can talk with the local people freely just like I usually do with my close friends, and as both of my parents have retired from work, they stay at home all day long we don’t have more common interests so I eagerly to have a close chat with my friends. That’s also what I want when I am traveling overseas. The second one is that whether people there are confident and warm-hearted. I hope that every time I talk with them or ask about the direction, they always bring me a strong felling of kindness and friendliness, which makes me get a definite sense of trust towards them.


Topic Nineteen: Entertainment


Topic Twenty: Public Behavior


公共场所文明行为依然可以利用名人的号召力,也可以利用执法部门的力量。各位可以参照Topic Sixteen: Mass Media的英文部分

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